'Speak Slow' Remix Competition

"Baby listen up, I will speak slow, give you something to believe, something you cannot control. And I'll give you that flash, chase together dreams, give you something none of you could ever have forseen."

Hot on the heels of Black Diamond Bay's successful I Dreamt We Were Bank Robbers remix competition, Exceptional Records are pleased to announce a brand new remix competition for you to get your teeth into!

Speak Slow is released as a single on Monday 25th April and we're on the hunt for some exceptional remixers to pull the track apart and give us something we could never have foreseen.

The winning remix will be considered for release (this is no empty promise, we'll soon be releasing an entire album of remixes gathered from an Audioglider remix competition we ran a while back), the winner will be bigged up all over the Exceptional online network, AND receive £50 to spend with our friends at on some cool software or sample packs. Entries must be received by the 9th May and will be judged by Exceptional Records and Black Diamond Bay.

The album Come The Desert, the first by the six piece Leeds-based electronic band Black Diamond Bay, is out now and features the singles Worship The Sun, Philharmonic Bubbles and Peace. This is an incredible album of diverse musical styles, guaranteed to challenge and excite. Pick up you copy now from iTunes, Beatport, or anywhere else you fancy.

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Black Diamond Bay - Speak Slow and Come The Desert Sampler by exceptionalred